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At Naari we believe and embody sustainable & healthy living. We make cloth pads for the modern world of today.

To make the women who use it feel more empowered in their bodies, show a lot more self love and honor their bodies during their monthly cycles.. 

Overnight Ultra Single Piece Reusable Cloth Pad Overnight Ultra Single Piece Reusable Cloth Pad (Set of 2) Joy Single Piece Medium Flow Reusable Sanitary Pad Joy Single Piece Medium Flow Reusable Sanitary Pad Pad (Set of 2) Joy Single Piece Reusable Cloth Pad Full Cycle Kit

washable and reusable

Good for Your Body. Good For the Planet.

Shop 100% safe and biodegradable cloth sanitary napkins. Made with super-soft, super absorbent cotton, the Naari Pad is a safe and healthy way to manage your period. The last layer is made out of gum coated cotton which ensures you pad is long-lasting and you remain spot free.

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Good for your body

Naari Cloth Pad is good for your body as it's made out of cotton. It promotes your well being through your menstrual cycle, as well as being affordable and cute. Cloth pads are comfortable & airy, they help reduce rashes,itchiness and help build a positive relationship with your cycle.

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Good for the environment

By using the Naari Cloth Pad, you prevent thousands of disposable pads from entering landfills. In India, sanitary waste disposal is a calamity. By using a cloth pad you ensure that your disposables stay out of lanfills for at least 2 years

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The products are brilliant. Naari products are a yes from me guys. They are comfortable, easy to use and great after wash too! I washed as they specified in the website, to use cold water instead of warm, and that worked perfect. Totally recommend it to all the women out there!

Divya, Hyderabad Age - 21

I have been using Naari Pads since 3 months. They are very useful and comfortable..hearty thanks to such awesome products..Eco and useful and no tension of rashes. I prefer to use this rather than disposable sanitary pads... I am happy to refer my relatives and friends also.

Kalyani, Bangalore Age - 34

It was just perfect. I got cloth pads from other companies as well, but Naari Pads were comfortable for the flow. I used the cloth pads for all 7 days and it was so easy to use. I am a working woman and it was not at all a problem to change the cloth pad. And another thing is, cloth pads do not smell bad! I tried the Overnight Ultra and the Bloom Heavy Flow Pad. The Ultra is just great, just takes longer than the Bloom pad to dry. 

Amreen, Chennai Age - 25

When on my period, I need something which provides reliable absorbency with no leakage and of course healthy bleeding. I also wanted to take a step towards sustainability. Then I came across Naari Cloth Pads which are cloth sanitary napkins. These pads are a new touch for traditional cloth pads and an alternative to plastic sanitary napkins available in the market. These pads are reusable, sustainable, and healthy. Trust me they gave silky comfort to my period and guess now it’s happy bleeding for me. All girls out there bleeding will have a HAPPY PERIOD with NAARI cloth pads. It is time to bleed healthy and bleed sustainable.

Nithya, Bangalore. Age - 23

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