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Naari Cloth Pads

Bloom Foldable Pads Full Cycle Period Kit

Bloom Foldable Pads Full Cycle Period Kit

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The Bloom Period Kit is a full-cycle period kit from the Bloom Collection. Bloom pads are foldable, reusable cloth pads. 

  1. The Bloom collection pads are single-piece pads
  2. The kit contains 7 pads. 4 Bloom Medium Flow Pads & 3 Bloom Heavy Flow Pads
  3. The Bloom Heavy Flow pad though is the same size as the Bloom Medium Flow has added 3 layers in the folds to accommodate a heavy flow.
  4. These pads come in both light & dark variants. You can choose the same in the options above.
  5. You can manage your entire period, through the heavy flow and not-so-heavy flow days with this kit.
  6. The pads come in a Naari Jute bag which can be used to store your clean pads after use.
  7. The easy drying string helps enable faster & better drying. Secure the string onto the clothing line with the help of a press button. Attach the pads to the lone button and do the same with the other pads.
  8. Your pads dry faster & the chances of them falling or flying away are none as they will be securely attached to the clothing line
  9. The carry-on pouch comes complimentary with the kit. You can store your soiled pad in this odor-proof and liquid-proof pouch when you are outside and do not have time to wash them immediately. If you would like to add one more, you can choose from the drop-down below.


Bloom Pad - 30 cm by 33 cm when opened. 30 cm by 8 cm when folded. 


  • Using harsh detergent with the pad
  • Using a lose fitting underwear
  • Wearing it longer than 6 hours during the day
  • Wearing a wet/semi wet pad
  • Leaving the pad in open area where it can accumulate dust


  • Please use the pads according to the instructions provided. The medium flow pads in the kit are meant to be used for only medium/regular flow days.
  • Do not leave the pad soaking for longer than a day. Ensure to change the water regularly if you do not have the time to wash it.

DISCLAIMER: The product pattern shown in the picture above is just for pictorial representation. The Kalamkari print used for the last layer may differ from the product picture depicted. Rest assured, it will definitely be cute

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