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Naari Cloth Pads

The Turt Super Heavy Overnight Reusable Sanitary Pad

The Turt Super Heavy Overnight Reusable Sanitary Pad

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The Turt - Super Heavy Flow Pad is a single-piece pad specifically meant for those with a very heavy flow or to be used during the night for a comfortable and spot-free sleep. It is made out of super-soft, super-absorbent cotton and feels amazing against your skin.

  1. 100% super-soft, super-absorbent cotton
  2. Easily washable and doesn't stain 
  3. Leak proof layer made out of gum-coated cotton. An inner layer that ensures you can sleep in any position you like without worrying about any stains. 
  4. 10 layers of super absorbent diaper cloth on the inside. Absorbes blood & blood clots.
  5. This pad has two leak proof layers on the inside - one after 5 layers of diaper cloth and one on the last layer
  6. The last layer is a Kalamkari or a quirky print
  7. Comes with two extendable wings for extreme sung fit. The two wings ensure the pad doesn't move. Feel free to sleep in your most comfortable position at night :)


Full Pad - 37 cm by 10 cm
Upper Wing - 6 cm by 4 cm
Lower Wing - 7 1/2 cm by 4 cm



  • Using harsh detergent with the pad
  • Using a loose-fitting underwear
  • Wearing it longer than 6 hours
  • Wearing a wet/semi-wet pad
  • Leaving the pad in an open area where it can accumulate dust


  • The pad is meant to be used during your heavy flow days. If you have a really heavy flow, it is recommended to check the pad during the day first before wearing it at night
  • Do not leave the pad soaking for longer than a day. Ensure to change the water regularly if you do not have the time to wash it.

The pad can soak up to 60ml of blood. If wearing during the day, check once every 6 hours. 

DISCLAIMER: The product pattern shown in the picture is just for pictorial representation. The Kalamkari/quirky print used for the last layer may differ from the product picture depicted. Rest assured, it will definitely be cute!

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