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As sanitary pads are classified as "Medical Products" in India, they are not legally obliged to disclose what goes into the making of their products.​

 Disposable pads contain 90% plastic, dioxins, artificial fragrances and parabens which cause rashes, irritation, smell, cramps and general uneasiness during your period.​

 Tampons can cause Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is a rare, life-threatening complication of certain types of bacterial infections. Inserting a tampon allows the bacteria to enter your body and cause all sorts of complications.
90% Plastic
Regular pads contain around 90% plastic, which blocks airflow to the vagina. The plastic takes upto 500-800 years to degrade, and that too not degrade fully. By blocking airflow, the plastic reacts with your blood and causes your pad to stink up, resulting in a bad odor. Blood in itself doesn't stink. The addition of synthetic material makes your pad stink.
Chemicals and Toxins
To achieve the whiteness of material, many companies bleach their pads which produces dioxins as a byproduct. These dioxins are carcinogenic, cause rashes, irritability and cramps. The plastic also reacts with the blood causing a bad odor. To combat this bad odor, artificial fragrance is add which can enter your blood stream and cause complications
Around 9000 tonnes of sanitary waste is generated in India every year. We go through over 400 million sanitary napkins. With improper waste disposal, many landfills are getting filled to the brim with sanitary waste. Another form of disposal is through incinerating sanitary waste, which releases toxic fumes into the air.


Make an Informed Choice towards building a positive relationship with your monthly cycle. Know the products you use.

A Safe And Sustainable Alternative To Plastic Pads

Give yourself a little extra during the ordinary period. Get you Naari Cloth Pad today
Maximum Coverage
Naari products are designed to give you maximum protection during your period. The pads come in three models and six variants to help you navigate your period with utmost ease.
Gentle on your Skin
The cloth pads are chemical & plastic free. You can go through your period rash free and happy in the knowledge that the product you are using has no side effects on your health & well being
No Odor
Cloth is breathable and allows airflow ensuring that your pad doesn't smell
Economical & Long Lasting
Cloth pads can last upto 2 years based on your usage and care. That is 2 years of not having to worry about buying pads when your period comes knocking. Plus, the savings on cost is phenomenal as cloth pads over time cost 1/8 the cost of disposables.
Biodegradable Last Layer
The last leak proof layer of the Naari Cloth Pad is made out of gum & cotton, ensuring you can throw the pad in its entirety in the compost bin when you are done with it. The last layer holds your blood for the longest time and helps you stay spot free.
Safe and Healthy
No chemicals, plastics, perfumes, bleach, latex & toxins.
Cute Designs
No chemicals, plastics, perfumes, bleach, latex & toxins.Start associating your periods with a positive connotation and not as something to be shy or ashamed of. Many women have reclaimed their space by flaunting their Naari Pads in public.
Water Conservation
Did you know? Your menstrual blood contains nutrients and acts as a natural fertilizer for your plants? You can use your soaked water to water the plants around your house
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