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Self-love. Naari represents everything we believe in.​


Reusable cloth pads have been around a long time although they haven't been well documented due to the stigma and taboo around menstruation in India. ​Naari Cloth Pad was created for the modern world of today. To make the women who use it feel more empowered in their bodies, show a lot more self love and honor their bodies during their monthly cycle.
Self-love. Naari represents everything we believe in.​ A celebration of your own unique essence.​ A natural and green way to get in touch with your health and create a wonderful place on Earth for the future!


Its the era of eco-positive movements. The cloth pad insurgency started as a means to claim access to menstrual healthcare through eco-friendly and natural practices.​

 Cloth pads are in no way similar to disposables, and do not function in the same manner. They however, are really effective in containing your blood while being dioxin and chemical free. ​

 They are good for your body as well as the environment.

Meet the Mother-Daughter duo behind Naari Cloth Pads


Growing up, Snigdha was used to plastic pads as a way managing her period. Being highly risk averse, she stuck to her most trusted brand for years to come without grasping the implications on how it would impact her health or the environment.​ 

Snigdha created Naari for the modern world of today. Her idea was to create a good quality product that people felt was easy to use & convert to. Keeping in mind that years of conditioning and misrepresentation of facts have resulted in women having to use products that have an adverse impact on their health.​

 She strongly believes the onus of driving eco-positive change lies with companies & brands who have the capacity to do so. Individual level change happens when products available in the market reflect easy adaptability and clear benefit over existing brands. Naari hence was born out of self-love and an inert need to create a quality product that could be used by everyone.


Usha started her menstruation journey with cloth "pads". Or rather old cotton sarees which she cut up and used during her time of the month. Being a part of the waste management committee in her apartment, Usha adheres strictly to zero-waste, minimalist lifestyle.​

 Usha regularly participates in educating women and girls understand and make an Informed Choice while dealing with their monthly cycles. She believes it is imperative to teach children, both boys & girls on how the female reproductive system works as she believes that talking about periods will help spread period positivity.​

 Creating Naari was inspired from Usha's lifestyle and her commitment in ensuring that we find sustainable alternatives where we can. Zero Waste lifestyle seems difficult, however making small lifestyle shifts can have a huge impact.

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